A “Rare” Race, and Catching up with Philly Advocates

Four weeks from today, I’ll run my seventh race of an injury-shortened 2015, crossing off state number 10 in my quest for 50. Along with my mom, Taylor’s Tale President Sharon King, I’m headed to The Keystone State’s largest city,...
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Running for Taylor in 50 States: Georgia

When I crossed the finish line of Charlotte’s Thunder Road Half Marathon blindfolded in November 2013, I knew the race would be a tough act to follow. But I didn’t intend to stop running for my sister, Taylor, and our fight against Batten disease and...
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Gene Therapy: The Future is Now

Predicting the future is a messy game, but “Back to the Future Part II” got a lot of things right (while we don’t have “Jaws 19,” we have plenty of big-screen TVs). I was 7 years old when Marty McFly...
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A victory for one is a victory for all