A Different Kind of Dream

My junior year of college at UNC, I took a course in children’s and young adult fiction writing. For one assignment, my classmates and I had to write the first chapter of a hypothetical young adult novel. We had the whole...
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Nine Things I Learned from My Sister

Some days, it’s hard for me to believe that almost 10 years have passed since Taylor’s diagnosis. More often than not, though, I struggle to remember a world unmarred by Batten disease. But my little sister is a tough cookie, and she’s still fighting the...
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What I’d Buy if I Won Powerball

Tonight marks the drawing for the record-breaking, $1.5 billion Powerball lottery. I don’t normally play the lottery, but when some of my coworkers decided to buy tickets together, I thought, why not? So I threw my $2 into the pool....
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A victory for one is a victory for all