By Laura Edwards

A lot has happened in 2009. I think back now to one year ago today, to how much the prospect of 2009 scared me. Much of what I feared has come true. My sister’s disease has continued to march on; the signs of progression are more evident with each passing day that we don’t have a cure. Much of what I looked forward to, though, also came true. We had good days. We funded research. Research moved forward. After every hard rain, the clouds parted, and the light of the sun washed over us.

2010 scares me more than 2009 did in many ways, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve ever stopped believing. I have no doubt that we will have more bad days next year. Despite that fact, I have no doubt that great things will also happen. Incredible progress will be made. Our faith in miracles will be renewed again and again. And one day – in 2010 or in the years soon to follow, I will use this very space to tell you that we have won.
Thank you for supporting Taylor’s Tale in 2009. Stick with us awhile longer – we have more of the story to tell. Here’s to a promising 2010. Happy New Year!

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