Can I Call You in Heaven?

By Laura Edwards

Taylor had a tough day.

When I walked into my house tonight, I buckled my dog’s harness and leash and laced my shoes. I got home much later than usual and missed seeing most of my neighbors out walking their dogs or mowing their lawns. Though the quiet streets had a soothing effect after a trying afternoon, I found myself scrolling through the contacts on my phone, looking for somebody, anybody, to call not long after Daisy and I set out into the balmy spring night.

But after a minute, it dawned on me that I really just wanted to talk to my grandmother. So I put the phone away. I turned my face toward the darkening sky, and I waited for her to help me understand.

Mom told me that my little sister smiled and laughed today, even in her darkest moments. Tonight, I sat on the side of my parents’ bed and watched her sleep. She looked tiny curled up beneath the cool sheets. I memorized every detail of that moment, from the way the early evening light hit her deep, honey blonde hair to how her long eyelashes grazed her soft cheeks.

She looked like an angel.

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