Charlotte 10 Miler for Taylor’s Tale

By Laura Edwards

The Charlotte 10 Miler, my hometown’s only 10-mile foot race, is less than three weeks away. On Saturday, Feb. 25, I’ll join a small field for an early-morning start and run the race in honor of my little sister, Taylor.

The course, a combination of green way paths and suburban roads, has plenty of room for more Taylor’s Tale runners. And if you’re not up for the long race, you can suit up for a four-mile version. However, if you can’t stand the thought of running – especially on a Saturday morning in February – you can grab a coffee or hot chocolate, wrap up in a blanket in a lawn chair on the sidelines and cheer.

No matter how you decide to spend race day, I hope you’ll consider making a gift to our Miles to a Miracle campaign in support of my run, your run or a friend’s run. Your (100 percent tax-deductible) gift will go to a great cause – Batten disease research.

To make a donation to my Miles to a Miracle campaign, click here, scroll to the bottom of the page (where it says “Support My Cause”) and enter your donation amount in the space provided. If you plan to run, you can also set up your own campaign. Doing so is easy; to find out how, contact us!

While I can’t promise I’ll run the fastest on February 25, I can promise you this: I’ll run the hardest – for these 10 miles and for as long as it takes until we have answers for children like Taylor.

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