It’s Been a Long Time

By Laura Edwards

It’s been quite a long time since I took such an extended break from my blog. I had surgery to fix a broken (obliterated apparently) nose – another fun soccer souvenir – 17 days ago, and the recovery period has officially turned me into a couch potato (minus the laptop in the evenings at least – usually one of my resident couch friends). In any case, I just have to figure that having that much work done close to my thinker has totally robbed me of any creative juices – juices I’m still searching for even now. In any case, I did want to blog tonight, if only to:

1) let everyone know that I’m still here…


2) thank the wonderful hostesses, attendees and all others who supported Taylor’s Tale last night at our Australia wine tasting, the last in the Wine Around the World for Taylor series of tastings. Yesterday also marked the birthday of the best mom in the whole world (the mom of Taylor, her big brother and yours truly), so our wine tasting was complemented by tasty cupcakes and a toast to birthday wishes (I know of at least one wish my mom made last night – just guessing – when she blew out that candle). Please check out our website for a recap of the event and, eventually, photos. If you are on Facebook, you can view the photos now on our page.

That’s it – for now! More to come later.

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