Light Tomorrow

By Laura Edwards

One of my favorite blogs is written by Molly Barker. Molly is the founder of Girls on the Run International, an organization that has brought much happiness to my sister, Taylor, and helped inspire those around her. I always love Molly’s posts, but her most recent entry wrapped its arms around my heart and wouldn’t let go.
In Her Beating Heart, Molly tells the story of a little girl named Maddie, a girl who, like Taylor, overcame a severe physical handicap to cross the finish line of a Girls on the Run 5K. A girl who, like my sister, refused to be resigned to watching the race – or life – from the sidelines.
I often write about running on this blog. Running plays a powerful role in my life; the act of lacing up my shoes, the rhythmic slap, slap of the soles on firm ground, and the gulps of fresh air that pour into my lungs make me feel like I’m floating through clouds and fill my mind with ideas that I struggle to invoke when I’m sitting still. It’s on my runs that the power of ‘believe’ overtakes my fear of the darkness that threatens my sister’s tomorrows. My heart races not from overexertion but from the thrill of knowing miracles are within our reach. It’s then that I renew my vow to summon within myself even a sliver of the courage that lives within Taylor – to find a way to light her tomorrows.
The fighting spirit that shines brightly within Taylor has kept her off the sidelines until now. By supporting Taylor’s Tale, you can help ensure that children with Batten disease finish the race. Click here to make a gift and keep alive the research that must continue to give them a chance.
In honor of Maddie and Taylor and every child with a dream, I ask – what action will you take today to light their tomorrows?

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