Lights Out

By Laura Edwards

Since announcing my intent to run Charlotte’s Thunder Road Half Marathon blindfolded on Nov. 16, I’ve run with my sighted guide, Andrew Swistak, three times. The first time, I started with my eyes open to get a feel for the three-foot bungee cord that will be my lifeline throughout the 13.1-mile race. After about 10 minutes, I closed my eyes. The last two times, I ran with my eyes closed, but even the pale moonlight and occasional street light reminded me that, unlike my little sister, Taylor, I’m not really blind.

Andrew doesn’t know it yet, but I broke out a makeshift blindfold for training run number four. And when he picks me up at the foot of my driveway later tonight, I’ll be ready!

I will run the Thunder Road Half Marathon blindfolded to support gene therapy co-funded by Taylor’s Tale at the University of North Carolina Gene Therapy Center. Donations to this cause are 100 percent tax-deductible. To support my run and our fight to develop treatments for Batten disease and other genetic diseases, click here.

first night with the blindfold

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