Make a Wish

By Laura Edwards

“You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t waste it.” –unknown

We celebrated Taylor’s birthday this week; she turned 15. I was 15 the afternoon I came home from school, found Mom sitting cross-legged in the floor of her closet and learned she was pregnant. I still haven’t forgiven myself for leaving Mom alone in the closet with her news, sticking my headphones on my head and running out into a cold rain.

On Taylor’s 15th birthday, I put earbuds in my ears and ran 3.1 miles, or a 5K, in her honor.

birthday run for Taylor

I made it to dinner just in time to sit next to the guest of honor.

Taylor's birthday dinner

The fun continued after dinner.

siblings birthday party

While waiting for cake and presents, I got choked up reading birthday cards from Taylor’s friends at the Fletcher School, where she spent six amazing years.

birthday cards from Fletcher

Taylor’s friend, Paul, and Paul’s mom delivered the cards and cupcakes on the afternoon of Taylor’s birthday. Though Taylor spent her last day at Fletcher more than a year ago, the school still has a profound impact on her life, and ours, each and every day.

Taylor and Paul posed with the cupcakes before the sweet treats disappeared.

Taylor and Paul

As the hour grew late, Mom carried out the cake, and Dad lit the candles. Mom produced a magic wand, wrapped an arm around my sister and helped her blow out the candles as we all sang the notes to “Happy Birthday.”

make a wish

I always make a wish.

4 Comments On “Make a Wish

  1. Kristy Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing Taylor’s birthday with us!

    1. Member Laura King Edwards Reply

      Thank you for reading, Kristy! We cherish special days with Taylor. Of course, all days with Taylor are special!

  2. Debbie @ Deb Runs Reply

    Awww, it looks like Taylor had a nice birthday celebration surrounded by family and friends! Way to go fitting your run to honor Taylor into your busy schedule!

    1. Member Laura King Edwards Reply

      Thanks, Debbie! I JUST made it to the birthday celebration, but I had to squeeze in those miles! Taylor loves hearing the voices of her family and friends and enjoyed being with everyone for her big day.

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