By Laura Edwards

I set a new personal record in the pool today – 100 laps! And I did it without stopping to rest even once. That may not seem like much to a superstar swimmer (well, pretty much the rest of the active world), but it’s a big deal for me, a self-proclaimed land animal when it comes to sports. My previous best was 98 laps. That night, I was going for 100, but the lifeguards rightfully kicked me out of the pool two laps shy of my goal when a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky.

With today’s total and 70 from earlier in the week, I’m now at 1,040 laps. I’m so excited about breaking 1,000! I still have 1,460 laps to go before I reach my goal of 2,500, but I’ll bask in the glow of the first 1,000 for a day or so before I start worrying about how I’m going to make time for the rest before Charlotte’s trees turn golden and red, then lose their leaves, signaling the end of October (and the end of my 132-day quest).

Hopefully my physical therapist and sports medicine doctor don’t follow my blog, because I also have a confession to make: I ran two miles yesterday – a couple of weeks prior to getting my virtual permission slip to run in return for a (mostly) healed Achilles injury. It felt great, and I’m still on my feet, which is a good sign! I guess I’ll just have to set another goal for dry land once my 2,500 laps are in the books.

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