National Siblings Day

By Laura Edwards

Today is National Siblings Day, a celebration of the special bond between siblings. For five years, three months and 17 days, I lived the blissful life of an only child. Then, my brother Stephen chargedĀ into my world, bringing with him endless plastic sword fights, video game battles and wars of words.

We wrestled over the right to wallow in the family room recliner. Sometimes, we stopped long enough to pretend we loved each other for the camera. I probably poured that drink over Stephen’s head right after the photographer took this photo.

Stephen in armchair

We showered some of the love we didn’t give to each other on our first family pet, Howie, who loved everyone except HIS brother – my grandmother’s dog, Simon. Howie, a good old soul, would have killed Simon given the chance.

laundry room

Sometimes, I allowed Stephen to come in my room and even sit on my furniture. But I didn’t like it.

soccer sofa

The year I got my driver’s license, my sister Taylor popped into the family, upending our accepted norm and replacing me as Stephen’s main adversary in backseat tangles. I didn’t like speaking in public as a kid, but Taylor helped me chill out before the Carousel pageant competition during my senior year of high school.

Carousel pageant

She made an able, willing helper whenever Stephen or I had birthday candles to blow out.

birthday candles

She may have given him hell, but she still let Stephen carry her whenever the mood struck.

Stephen carrying Taylor

She made a great “senior” flower girl.


We met the “real” Aladdin and Jasmine together during two dreamy days in Disney World.

Disney World

Siblings make great dance partners.


Taylor could convince our brother to try on silly hats in public.

silly hats

He hugged her at the finish line of her second 5K.


Between the three of us, we’ve had our fair share of sibling battles. But we’ve learned to love each other…even my brother and me.

Stephen and Laura

Because more than anything, siblings are bound by love.

after wedding

Do you have a sibling or siblings? If so, what makes your relationship special?

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