Sweet Sixteen

By Laura Edwards

birthday cakeTomorrow (August 19) is Taylor’s 16th birthday. In honor of my little sister’s Sweet Sixteen, I’m asking my readers to do at least one of the following:

  • Leave a birthday message for Taylor in the comments below; I’ll share each one with her.
  • Tell at least one person about Batten disease (learn more here).
  • Like Taylor’s Tale on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  • Wear something purple on Tuesday. Tell friends why you’re wearing purple (the color for Taylor’s Tale) and post a photo on social media with a link to this blog.
  • Make a gift to Taylor’s Tale to support our efforts on behalf of millions like Taylor fighting a rare disease. All gifts are 100 percent tax-deductible. Donate here.
  • Go for a run and dedicate your miles to Taylor, who once ran two 5K races after losing her vision to Batten disease (her courage inspired me to run a half marathon blindfolded last year, and I just kicked off a quest to run a race in all 50 states). Share a post about your run for Taylor in the comments below and on social media.

Happy early birthday to the best sister in the world. I love you, T!

22 Comments On “Sweet Sixteen

  1. Leah Shearer Reply

    Happy 16th birthday, Taylor!

  2. lindaphillips4866 Reply

    Happy Birthday, dear Taylor. You probably won’t remember me because I didn’t teach you, but I was at Fletcher when you were, and I remember seeing you and greeting you in the halls when you worked with Ms. Jill. I also know your sister, and you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. I hope you have a special “sweet sixteen.”

  3. Polly Greene Reply

    Happy Birthday Taylor. I will be celebrating your birthday dressed in purple and planning another great playathon in your honor — the date this year is February 15 and the young people here in Raleigh will be playing lots of music for you that day.

  4. Brandy Reply

    Happy Birthday, Taylor! I remember the day your mother called me and shared the exciting news that you had been created! That was a long time ago and now you will be celebrating 16 years of being an incredible blessing to your family and all who know you. You are loved by a lot of people, many of whom you have not met!

    Blessings and Love,
    Brandy Hand

  5. Carol Lancaster Reply

    Happy sweet sixteen birthday sweet Taylor from Alabama. May God bless you and hold you tight in his arms of love.

  6. mearalehane Reply

    Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Sending you tons of hugs and blessings! <3

  7. Kathy Fuesy Reply

    Happy Sweet Sixteen, Taylor! Hope your day is filled with all of your favorite things.You don’t know me, but I was on the PTA at Myers Park Traditional with your Mom, a long time ago…….

  8. Sandi Kemmish May Reply

    Happy Birthday, Taylor! You are a beautiful, amazing young lady. We all love you.

  9. Bess Forshaw Reply

    Happy Birthday, Taylor! It is hard to believe you are 16. How lovely you are and what fond memories I have of teaching art to you …..and to your big sister. You have a wonderful family.
    Love to all,
    Bess Forshaw

  10. Dorothy, Jules, Molly Ethridge Reply

    Birthday greetings from Dorothy, Jules, and Molly on the river. We saw the neatest thing the other day….. Mom and Daddy ducks with all their babies crossed our driveway headed to the water. Molly was barking like crazy….sound like Sunny?? Hope you’re having a great day, know we’re thinking about you and sending lots of love and hugs! D&J&M

  11. Gail Swistak Reply

    Sweet Sixteen, I hope you have a super fun day Taylor. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Kristy Reply

    Happy Sweet 16 Taylor sending you much love from Tennesee!

  13. Dawn Serbanic Reply

    Happy birthday Taylor!!!!! You are such an inspiration! A sweet girl who I am blessed to know! Have a great birthday with your family!! Kylie and I will be wearing purple for you tomorrow and this Saturday as we do the electric run in your honor!!!

  14. Libby Rose Reply

    Happy Sweet 16 Taylor! You, your sister and your whole family are an inspiration to a lot of folks! May many blessings come your way, cheers! Libby Rose

  15. Kate Davis Reply

    Happy Birthday from Georgia, Taylor! I hope your day is as wondrous as you. I don’t know you personally but you are always in my prayers.

  16. pmwy Reply

    Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Taylor, from Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m a teacher at the Royal Blind School here in Edinburgh. I come from New Jersey but have lived in Scoltand for 26 years. I have been following your blog from the beginning. You and your family are a wonderful inspiration to so many. Best Wishes, Pam Young

  17. Callie Reply

    Happy Sweet Sixteen beautiful girl!! I’ll look forward to a belated celebration of wonderful you and a big hug over Labor Day!

  18. Cathy Hines Reply

    Happy Sweet 16 Taylor!!! Hope your birthday is magical
    The Hines Family

  19. Debbie @ Deb Runs Reply

    Happy 16th birthday,Taylor! I ran 8 miles for you today (half of 16). Wish I could have run 16 for you, but after racing on Sunday, I just couldn’t. Sending hugs your way from Virginia!

  20. Ann Helmick Kovacevich Reply

    Happy Sweet Sixteen, Taylor!!!!

  21. Steven Gray Reply

    Best wishes to you today Taylor. Happy sweet 16 to a very sweet girl.

  22. Member Laura King Edwards Reply

    I loved reading each and every one of these wonderful messages to Taylor tonight. Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes, memories and love; thanks also for your support of the fight against rare diseases!

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