#CureBatten Forever

By Laura Edwards

Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Garner and Megan Fox are rallying to save the lives of two young girls diagnosed with a rare form of Batten disease. The girls, Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray, are the daughters of Hollywood producer Gordon Gray. Gray is known for movies like “The Rookie,” “Miracle” and “Million Dollar Arm.”

Now he’s trying to raise $10 million to save his kids. continue reading →

Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray: Awareness, but at What Cost?

By Laura Edwards

By Sharon King

A question mark popped up in my inbox this morning. The message came from a friend wondering why neither Taylor’s Tale or a member of Taylor’s family had responded to the recent release of a website and video from the family of Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray, two young sisters recently diagnosed with CLN6, a form of Batten disease. The story flooded my Facebook feed yesterday. continue reading →