What Inspires You?

By Laura Edwards

What inspires you?

For me, it’s seeing people come out in droves to help us achieve our mission, like they did at Fat Daddy’s Bar & Grill in Raleigh on Tuesday night. It’s spending every day in the trenches with people like my friend Katie, who organized the event and believes with all of her heart, like I do, that our dream is within reach. But more than anything, it’s watching my sister Taylor. Taylor makes the ordinary amazing. She is the fuel for my fire; my laughter and my tears; my heart and soul.

Click here to read a beautiful article about why Taylor’s never-give-up attitude has sparked a huge effort to find a cure for the disease that threatens to take her life. Thanks so much to Mary Kornegay for telling the story so well.
Taylor – we’re right here with you, sweetie. We’re sticking in the trenches till this disease doesn’t have a leg left to stand on.