Sweet Music

By Laura Edwards

boy playing pianoSunday marked the end of the fourth annual piano playathon for Taylor’s Tale. Here are the numbers: 141 students of 18 teachers played at five venues for 18 hours total over three separate days. In all, the events raised $3,004.26.

Here are some memories gifted to us this year:

  • The addition of a Suzuki violin group – especially touching for Taylor’s mom, because Taylor took Suzuki violin lessons the year we learned she has infantile Batten disease
  • A 6-year-old boy played a small violin, and he and his younger sister sang the Spiderman song together; Mom and Taylor sing that song every morning when they brush their teeth (they don’t know why – they just do!)
  • The students ranged from very accomplished/experienced to brand new – i.e. one girl just two months removed from her first lesson, yet willing to step up and play (and do a fantastic job!) for children with Batten disease
  • The little sister of the former student who played sans butterflies – with so much joy, in fact, Mom thought they’d have to close the piano lid at the end of her turn
  • The students who remembered meeting Taylor last year (she did not attend this year) and went out of their way to ask how she is doing
  • The adult student who returned on the last day of the playathon, not to play, but simply to listen
  • The students (children) who agreed to do interviews with the media that came to cover the event – and nailed them
  • The student who entered a beauty pageant and chose Batten disease as her platform
  • The boy (probably Taylor’s age or not much older) who played the Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin'” and played it a second time just for Mom, because “believe” is her favorite word
  • The former (now grown) student and childhood cancer survivor who couldn’t attend the playathon but supported it from afar with a donation

Mom listening to music

Thank you to the event co-chairs, Polly Greene and Pamela Tsai, and all of the teachers for their amazing efforts on behalf of Taylor’s Tale.

Thank you also to the venues – Burrage Music Company, Hopper Piano Company, Music & Arts, Maus Piano and Organ and Ruggero Piano.

Finally, thank you to all of the students who played for using their musical gifts to give the gift of hope to children with Batten disease.