The Art of Extraordinary

By Laura Edwards

Moving Up DayThis morning, Mom attended the Beta Club induction ceremony at Taylor’s school as a guest speaker. They gave her 10 minutes to talk to a group of accomplished high school students about topics such as making the most out of a difficult situation, believing in and working for a cause and helping others through volunteer work.

My mother is a great storyteller. Many of the kids at the small, private K-12 school my sister attends already know Taylor and are familiar with Taylor’s Tale, the non-profit organization founded in her honor. So, Mom told those kids a story many of them knew, just not in a way they’d heard before. She told it in a way that only a mother who has faced a demon like Batten disease – and then dared it to keep her down on the ground –  could.

Mom told me that after she spoke, many of the kids came up to her. The boys shook her hand; the girls hugged her.

Here, I’d like to share just a small piece of the beautiful message she imparted to those kids earlier today. They’re great words to live by – no matter who you are or what you’re facing! And thanks, as always, to the world’s greatest mom for her infinite wisdom and for lending a little battery juice to me from time to time!

“As for me—I’m not sitting in that chair anymore.  Hope creates energy and energy finds answers.  It is amazing what can be achieved when you choose to begin each day with your inner GPS powered-up and EXTRAORDINARY as your destination.  Never forget, though, on those days when your battery is running low, to borrow a little power from your family, friends, teachers, and others.   They will likely be more than happy to share, and when a team practices the Art of EXTRAORDINARY, well…the sky’s the limit!

Best wishes to each of you as you go after your own EXTRAORDINARY today and always!” –Sharon King

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