The Possible

By Laura Edwards

Thanks to Jim Dunlevy, Raymond Felton, Rufus and the Charlotte Bobcats for bringing smiles to Taylor’s face last Friday night. Taylor and my 10-year-old nephew, Joey, had a memorable night at the arena – one that included access to the pre-game shoot-around, dinner in the Back Court, high fives to the players as they ran through the tunnel from the locker room to the court and lower level seats for the team’s win over the Washington Wizards. It was Joey’s first NBA basketball game and possibly T’s first since her world went completely dark. It didn’t matter. She still cheered and clapped when the Bobcats did well. She still smiled from ear to ear when Raymond Felton walked over to our seats at the shoot-around and said her name. And she still had a big hug for Rufus as soon as she felt the team mascot’s big, furry arm draped over her shoulders.

T knows that Raymond Felton was my favorite player during my years at Carolina. And despite all of the obstacles standing in her way, she still believes that someday, she will walk the same campus that her older sister and the Bobcats’ starting point guard once did.
To me, that’s what dreams are all about. Believing makes the improbable possible. Having faith AND working hard can make the possible come true.

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