Things I’m Thankful for, Part III

By Laura Edwards

I’m feeling bad that I didn’t post an entry for this series last night. John and I went to see a movie and afterward stayed up late making a pumpkin spice roll for Thanksgiving dessert, and it totally slipped my mind. So, technically I need to post twice today to make up for yesterday. However, I’m going to let myself off the hook just this once, because I’m anxious to get over to my parents’ house and still have a ham to cook. I also ran the Charlotte SouthPark Turkey Trot 8K with my brother, Stephen, this morning in Taylor’s honor and am badly in need of a shower.

So with that said, I think that today, I’m most thankful for my family and that God gave me this day to enjoy with them. I’m thankful that I have the most wonderful husband in the world who is also my best friend, the best parents – who have made so many sacrifices for me and have given me so much – the best brother and sister a girl could ask for, and grandparents with whom I’ve made more happy memories than I could ever begin to count. I’m thankful for all of the other relatives and friends I will not see today. I’m thankful that I am, for the most part, healthy and have the strength and the will to fight for my sister’s life. I’m thankful for the moments when my heart is filled with hope. In those moments, a small part of me believes that I will spend many more Thanksgivings with Taylor. And in those moments, I gather enough strength to go on for another day.

Happy Thanksgiving, and much love to all of my family and friends and everyone who continues to stick with us for the fight against Batten disease!

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