T’s Angel

By Laura Edwards

My seven-year-old cousin, Morgan, is making her second appearance on my blog tonight. After a weekend at my aunt and uncle’s lake house in July, I posted the following:

And later, after we’d climbed the 90 steps from the dock back to the house for the evening, I watched as our cousin, Morgan, played the role of T’s angel. Morgan celebrated her seventh birthday on Sunday and is nearly four years T’s junior but was as good with T as any adult I’ve ever seen. Not once did she ever seem to be phased by my sister’s blindness. Her compassion and acceptance were gifts of the greatest value.
Tonight, my aunt Holly told me a story that gave me goose bumps. Morgan and her younger sister, Madi, have never heard of Batten disease. They only know that their cousin, Taylor, is blind.
Morgan’s second grade teacher called Holly this afternoon. All of the kids posted their “wish” for 2010 on the school’s second grade hallway. The teacher explained that while 75 percent of the kids wished for a new dog, or a new Wii game, etc., Morgan wished for her cousin Taylor to see again.
No words of mine could top that.

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