Twelve Reasons to Believe: Every Moment is a Gift

By Laura Edwards

The following is 11th in a 12-post series.

Last night, Mom, Taylor and I made our annual trip to uptown Charlotte’s Blumenthal Performing Arts Center for the Nutcracker Ballet.

The Nutcracker has always been Taylor’s favorite part of the Christmas season. It has been a while since the lights went dark for her, but she still remembers the sights of the ballet from before she lost her vision. When the Arabian dancers came onto the stage during the second act, she cried out, “The snake!” The people around us likely wondered what in the heck my little sister was talking about (or why she was talking at all), but Mom and I knew Taylor remembered that several years ago, the female dancer used a prop snake in her dance. And T may be blind now, but she never forgets.

It has been a somber Christmas season for my family, as my beloved grandmother is in her last days in this world (before she got sick, our Nutcracker trio was a quartet). But weeks ago, Mom and I resolved to keep our tradition despite the difficult days both behind and ahead of us.

Only God knows how many more times the three of us will be able to attend together. But for now, we have moments like this.

Moments that give me reason to believe.


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