Mud Everywhere!

By Laura Edwards

My husband, John, is the latest to embark upon a Miles to a Miracle campaign for Taylor’s Tale. On Saturday, October 15, he’ll compete in the USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run in Columbia, SC with three teammates.

mud run

John’s team after the 2010 Greenville Mud Run

The USMC Mud Run is a 5.2-mile, all-terrain course peppered with thirty-six obstacles. It attracts participants from across the nation and is the largest mud run in North America. Teams are required to jump, climb, crawl and swim their way over, under and through mud holes, walls, trenches and other obstacles en route to the finish line. ┬áParticipants get mud in places they didn’t know existed and, after completing the race, take what my husband (who completed his first mud run in Greenville, SC in 2010) calls a “fire hose shower.” Before they climb in the car to go home, participants strip down to their underwear and throw their clothes – including shoes – in the trash. The mud run is not a place for someone like me – an athlete with a knack for getting injured. That’s why I’ll be in the cheerleader role when John gets muddy in honor of my little sister, Taylor.

My husband’s worked hard to get ready for the big day, often joining me on my runs and doing chin-ups at odd hours of the day and night. Please consider supporting John’s efforts in the USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run by making a donation to the Taylor’s Tale Miles to a Miracle campaign. Simply click on the link below to visit John’s Miles to a Miracle profile, scroll to the ‘Support My Cause’ section at the bottom of the page and enter your donation amount in the space provided. As a friendly reminder, Taylor’s Tale is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible! Oh behalf of John, the Taylor’s Tale team and all children like my sister, thank you for helping us put an end to Batten disease!

Support John’s efforts with a donation to Taylor’s Tale

Learn more about the USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run

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