My Life’s Resolution

By Laura Edwards

I considered making a New Year’s resolution.

But then I decided that too many New Year’s resolutions are short-lived; and I want mine to make it past February.

So this is my Life’s Resolution.

Beginning in 2013, I vow to be a better big sister.

If you follow my blog regularly or know Taylor’s Tale and our efforts to fight Batten disease, you may think I’m crazy.

But the truth is, even though Batten disease isn’t finished stealing my sister, I’ve already let it steal our sisterhood. I’ve traded hayrides and ice cream cones and trips to the park and snuggle sessions on the couch for endless hours on my laptop fighting a monster I can see, but can’t touch. We still do those things, but we don’t do them as often as we used to. And I don’t try hard enough to get through to a little girl who can’t communicate as easily as she could when she was 8 or even 4. I need to try harder.

I will never, ever stop fighting Batten disease. But Taylor has never stopped being a great sister to me. And my Life’s Resolution is to start being a great sister to her.


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