Running for Taylor in 50 States: Sprinting for Hawaii

By Laura Edwards

Thanks to The Garden Island newspaper for helping us spread the word about Batten disease in advance of my next race – the Kauai Half Marathon! Kauai’s only daily newspaper published our story in Friday’s edition.

I suffered a foot injury in the Charlottesville Half Marathon on Easter weekend and graduated from my walking boot a mere two weeks ago, so lately I’ve relished the opportunity to run even more than usual, despite the reality that I’m still mostly chained to the cushioned surface of my treadmill. The miles have been slow and cautious; I love speed, but with seven weeks till race day, I’m afraid I’ll rush my training and get hurt again. I’ve repeatedly told myself that this race, like the Fargo 5K I walked in the boot in May, is not about setting a personal record. It’s about running on a gorgeous island and crossing the finish line and making a difference for millions of people like my sister – people suffering from a rare disease with no known cure.

That’s why the support of people like Nick Celario, who wrote the Garden Island story, and his editor Bill Buley is so important. That’s why I’m so grateful for the support of people like Jeff Sacchini, the race owner, and Robin Jumper, who handles the marathon’s marketing and media. Without them, to most I’d be just another nutty runner putting my body through crazy trials, spending money and most of my PTO days to compete in races all over the continent and on far-flung, lush islands.

Mahalo, Kauai! I already feel welcome on your island, and I can’t wait to feel your ground beneath my feet.

Read the Garden Island story

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