Running for Taylor: 2015 in Pictures

By Laura King Edwards

When I set out to run a race in all 50 states to honor my sister and support one in 10 Americans suffering from a rare disease, I only wanted to build on the momentum of running 13.1 miles blindfolded, which I did at Charlotte’s Thunder Road Half Marathon in late 2013. Taylor’s story was too good, her courage too inspiring, and the success of the blind run too complete to call it quits.

I never imagined the ride would be quite like this.

As the year comes to a close, I’m taking a look back at an incredible 2015: nine races, seven states and enough memories to last a lifetime. continue reading →

Running for Taylor in 50 States: Georgia

By Laura King Edwards

When I crossed the finish line of Charlotte’s Thunder Road Half Marathon blindfolded in November 2013, I knew the race would be a tough act to follow. But I didn’t intend to stop running for my sister, Taylor, and our fight against Batten disease and other rare diseases. That’s why I’m running a race in all 50 states – a feat not as rare as running 13.1 miles blind but one that I hope will help me spread our story far and wide.

I signed up for the Athens Half Marathon a few days after returning to the mainland from Hawaii, where I ran the Kauai Half Marathon on Labor Day weekend. Just 200 miles from my home in Charlotte, the quaint college town with respectable media opportunities but without the commotion of Atlanta seemed like the perfect place to notch state number nine.

But that’s not why I chose it. continue reading →

Back on Track

By Laura Edwards

I found myself in a funk early this summer, right about the time the nights turned muggy and the lightning bugs lit up the sky and the air filled with the smells of honeysuckle and fresh-cut grass and charcoal grills.

I remember thinking, what gives? I’d just finished writing a book, and I had a trip to Hawaii on the calendar, and great things were happening for Taylor’s Tale – both in the NC legislature and in a gene therapy lab at UNC. On top of everything, my little sister was mostly stable after a tough spring. continue reading →

Running for Taylor in 50 States: Sprinting for Hawaii